Item Price
Estimated distance 172 Miles
Estimated time 2 hours 56 mins
Current property size 1 Bed
Mileage charge £170.28
Labour cost £325.86
Handling charge £12.50
Booking fee £19.99
Total cost of move £528.63

1 Bed

Total £528.63

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Congestion Charge

Congestion Charge: Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm
If your journey begins or ends in the congestion zone you will be charged an extra £11.50.
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Recycling Centres

If you need the van to attend a recycling centre, be sure to check that the centre does not charge an additional fee for the van to enter and use the centre's facilities. You may also want to check any height restrictions which may be in place. Please also note that centres usually require proof of address, so you may have to travel with the driver.

Navigation Systems

All vans come equipped with the latest navigation systems so the driver will take the fastest route on the day every time.

Toll Charge

If your journey passes through a toll road, the cost of the toll is an addition to your online quote. Our drivers come with the latest navigation systems and will avoid toll roads where possible.


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